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On-site fuels, Inc. delivers the following products:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Unleaded gasoline

Midgrade gasoline

Premium gasoline

TXLED Ultra low sulfur diesel

Off-road (Red) diesel

Our delivery trucks are modified with additional safety equipment to meet the following requirements: 

The criteria for allowing AST’s (Aboveground Storage Tanks) in San Antonio and the surrounding area is more strenuous than those of the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Code (IFC), which are standards generally accepted around the nation.  

From an environmental standpoint, the storage tanks we use are vaulted with 4” of concrete, 360 degrees.  Underwriter’s Laboratory, the standard writer in the petroleum industry, has a special classification for the tanks. UL 2085 code specifies that the tank be impact and fire resistant.  Testing methods at UL include firing a 30.06 round at close range to test impact integrity.  Another test includes placing a tank (with product inside) into a furnace and firing it to 2,000 degrees for 2 hours to test for insulation protection.  The risk of a fuel release from the tank is virtually zero. 


Deliveries are made to your site with a compact, liquid, and vapor tight tank truck equipped with a ticket printer to measure every gallon you receive.

A representative from On-site Fuels, Inc., will meet with you to discuss the location, the size of  tank required and what type of control unit you need.   You can be assured that the fuel tank at your facility will have the latest in safety equipment to provide you and your employees the maximum protection.  We then design the layout and use the following types of equipment to meet each customers needs:


AFC control unit

Keegard control unit

Fuelmaster control unit

Fuelmaster Prokee

Red Jacket pump

Centeron Radar monitor tank guage

Fireguard Tank Brochure

Gasboy Commercial Dispensers