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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Equipment

On-Site Fuels, Inc. carries a full line of Piusi USA DEF equipment.
Please call (210) 945-0999 for pricing and additional information.

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DEF is a nontoxic, nonpolluting, non-hazardous and nonflammable solution. It is stable, colorless, and meets accepted international standards for purity and composition. DEF is safe to handle and store and poses no serious risk to humans, animals, equipment or the environment when handled properly. MSDS is available upon request. 

 Because DEF is corrosive, it has to be handled in a specific manner.  DEF is corrosive to copper and brass as well as other materials. Only approved materials, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE), will be used in the DEF tank, packaging and dispensing equipment.

Here is a list of the types of pumps and associated equipment that we will use to dispense DEF properly:

Security lock box for your pump, meter, and nozzle
Hand pump for DEF
Electric pump bracket for Totes
SS RSV coupler for closed loop system
SS EPV coupler
55 Gallon DEF drum
330 Gallon Tote
1000 Gallon Mini Bulk tank/security pump box